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CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER: RAISING TEENS IN A HYPER SEXUALISED SOCIETY.  Our parents seminar aims to address the intimate questions that parents have, whilst empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives.

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I am fine without an introduction, but if you would like one to say before the presentation, then here is a great little one for your introduction:

“I wanted to introduce our guest speaker tonight David Kobler. David, and his wife Katie, are some of the leading youth speakers across Australia and New Zealand and specialise around the topics of sexuality and relationships. They have spoken to over 250,000 teens, parents, and teachers in live audiences and have a mission to turn taboo topics into everyday conversations. David has a Bachelor in Theology and Katie has an advanced diploma in Psychological Science. They have been featured in print, radio, and TV media, and are highly sought after communicators. With countless stories of teen struggles and challenges on the topics of sex, pornography, social media and sexting, they hope to bring light to the challenges that young people are facing. Their hope is to create an environment where parents feel empowered to talk to their children and children feel confident to talk to their parents about topics that really matter.”

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